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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."
1 Timothy 4:12

BSBA middle school provides a caring environment to help our students flourish during these formative years.  The middle school is located in its own building and has both a computer lab and a high school quality science lab. Our beautiful facility has an indoor gymnasium, extensive outdoor sports fields, state of the art kitchen (which provides hot lunches), video room for a “morning show” and a media center.

In our middle school, we strive to provide a safe learning environment with an emphasis on developing Christian character.   We seek to teach Biblical truth and help students learn to apply these truths to build relationships and to navigate the middle school years.

The curriculum is rigorous to prepare students for honors and AP high school coursework.  Advanced courses are offered in math and science for students.  Eighth graders can take high school courses in math, science, Spanish.   In addition, through our partnership with FLVS, 8th graders can take high school courses online, such as Leadership and HOPE. Our STEM program offers robotics classes for 6th and 7th graders.  Students who are interested in robotics may choose to become a member of our FLL team and participate in area competitions.

Middle School Highlights
  • Weekly chapels, Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • Competitive Sports Program
  • Field trips such as Nature’s Classroom, Pathfinders
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Friday clubs
  • Service Projects
  • 8th grade trip to North Carolina
  • ACSI Competitions: Math, Speech, Spelling
Meet the Middle School Faculty

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Sixth Grade

Below is an overview of the subjects for the sixth grade.

The students will study the importance of Christian character traits, the cautions regarding its negative counterpart, and practical applications to everyday living. They will memorize a variety of Bible verses that reinforce the character trait they are currently studying.

Mathematics 6 is a course designed to prepare the student for 7th grade Math and Pre-Algebra.  The students will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, integers, decimals, and fractions.  Foundational topics of geometry, measurement, algebra, & scale and graph readings will also be introduced.  The teacher will combine the use of texts, games, online math activities, cooperative group learning activities and manipulates along with Christian principles taught in the Bible.

Students study God’s design as they work through units in life, earth and physical science.

New World History and Geography
Students will develop a solid foundation of the history and geography of the Western Hemisphere. We will combine the use of maps, videos, text, cooperative learning projects, and other materials while developing a Biblical world view.  The class will also explore local and worldwide current events to help develop the realization that today’s news is tomorrow’s history.  Students will also be encouraged to develop study skills and organizational skills that will benefit them in other subject areas and future grade levels.

Language Arts
6th Grade Language Arts is a study of the communication arts (reading, writing, & speaking) and reading and understanding a variety of genres & text structures found in literature.  We review grammar taught in 5th grade here at BSBA including parts of speech, identifying and writing a variety of sentence types and patterns, and punctuation & capitalization. We write expository, persuasive, and creative pieces including developing & improving the paragraph, essay, and narratives (including poetry).  We continue to learn more about formatting and understanding our audience as well.

Seventh Grade

Below is an overview of the subjects for the seventh grade.

The students will learn about the Old Testament and its Jewish roots to help them better understand the New Testament and to fully understand who Jesus was.  They will also learn the whole council of the word of God and to have a faith that can be seen in action.

The students will effectively work on concepts, skills, and problem solving in a variety of mathematical disciplines. They will lay a foundational understanding of integers and Algebra; work to master fractions and decimals; and solve basic, and some advanced, problems of statistics and probability.  The students will tabulate, graph, and symbolically represent their discoveries.

The students will be introduced to God as the creator and upholder of all life. They will learn how to investigate and report on all areas of life science. They will see God’s design and purpose in life from the cellular level to the most complex of organisms. Topics of study include the following: cytology, genetics, the human body, microbiology, marine biology. All topics will use an inquiry, lab focused approach.

World History
Seventh grade World History begins with the study of the creation and follows the Biblical thread of history through the Cold War. Study skills include reading comprehension, geography skills, and cooperative learning projects. The course also looks at the heritage that the United States inherited from European countries. The class will also explore local and worldwide current events to help develop the realization that today’s news is tomorrow’s history. 

Language Arts
Seventh grade language arts encompass the areas of grammar, composition, vocabulary, and literature.  More complex grammar skills are introduced while those from 6th grade are mastered.   In addition, students will increase their understanding of different genres of literature and enlarge their use of new vocabulary words. Furthermore, they will receive extensive instruction on the FCAT writing process, including an intensive focus on organization, support, sentence structure, word choice, and the editing process in essay writing.  Students will also have the opportunity to express themselves with creative writing, including descriptive, narrative, poetry, and persuasive pieces. Writing skills development focuses on essay writing skills and creative writing enhancement.  Our study of Literature will focus on higher-level reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Eighth Grade

Below is an overview of the subjects for the eighth grade.

The students will study the life of Christ through the Gospels. They will conduct personalized studies of selected New Testament passages; participate in activities to help them apply the Scriptures to important issues faced by eighth grade students. Students will study character traits based on a Biblical perspective.  Students will discover the importance of each trait, compare/contrast the negative counterparts, and make practical applications for everyday living. Students will additionally engage in a variety of creative activities to study scriptures and define/apply character traits.

The students will explore the language of algebra in verbal, tabular, graphical, and symbolic forms. They will work on problem-solving activities and applications to encourage them to model and learn about patterns and relationships with variables and functions. The most important concept the students will learn is that of a variable:  how to isolate it to solve for a specific number and/or expression. The other fundamental concept is functions. Students will be able to translate these relationships from real world applications into algebraic problems and then solve the problems using the methods and techniques of algebra.

The main objectives of this course are to teach the student proper methods of investigation and to understand God’s purpose and design in science. The central theme of this course is the study of matter, leading to the development of the atomic model.  The method is one in which the student moves through a series of experiments and analyses that amount to an abridged account of the development of chemistry and physics. IPS, honors students must achieve at a 70 percentile on Hills. County exams in order to achieve their high school course credit. 8th grade regular science students do not participate in the testing and exam schedules of the honors classes.

American History
8th grade American history begins with the early exploration of the western hemisphere and concludes with significant events of the 21st century. This class also includes an introduction to American civics, the study of the 3 branches of government and the American election process. This unit is an effort to prepare students to become active participants in a democratic society. This course also includes a study of the role of the United States in major world events.

Students will develop independent study skills as well as working in groups, completing research projects, and giving oral presentations.

Language Arts
The eighth grade language arts curriculum expands student learning in the areas of grammar, literature, vocabulary, and writing.  Students will solidify basic knowledge related to the eight parts of speech as well as build and explore higher-level grammar skills. In addition, students will increase their understanding of different genres of literature and enlarge their use of new vocabulary words. Furthermore, they will receive extensive instruction on the FCAT writing process, including an intensive focus on organization, support, sentence structure, word choice, and the editing process in essay writing.  We will also focus on higher-level reading skills, including making inferences, summarizing, drawing conclusions, making predictions, etc. Students will also have the opportunity to express themselves with creative writing, including descriptive, narrative, poetry, and persuasive pieces.









Middle School Faculty
6th, 7th & 8th Grade

Michele Kline
Assistant Principal, Middle School

I am currently serving as assistant principal at Bell Shoals. I hold both a Masters and Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and am certified by both ACSI and the State of Florida.  I have multiple certifications from the state of Florida: Gifted Education, Biology, Middle Grades Science, and Elementary Education.

Although my greatest passion is Christian school, I have served in public schools (Hillsborough County and Lee County) as well as other private industries such as The Florida Aquarium.

I have been on the staff of Campus Life, Youth for Christ, working with at risk students and have taught middle school and high school Bible studies, children’s church and discipleship.

When not in school, I enjoy camping, kayaking and spending time with my family.


6th Grade Teachers

Karen Crowson

BSBA 6th History & Geography

I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in secondary education social studies. Prior to joining the faculty of Bell Shoals Baptist Academy in 1994, I taught for 9 years in the Orange County, FL public school system. My current responsibilities include teaching 6th grade New World History and Geography, 7th grade World History and 8th grade American History.

My own children are alumni of BSBA having attended the academy from 3 year old preschool through their 8th grade graduation. My son, Brad, is currently a civil engineer in Tampa, FL and my daughter, Allison, is a first grade teacher in Gainesville, FL.

My favorite thing about teaching at Bell Shoals is the relationships that I am able to build with my students and their families.


Rachel Reger
BSBA 6th Reading/Language Arts

Born in a snowstorm and having lived most of my life between Minnesota and Wisconsin, I embrace the heat of Florida and true hospitality of the South, but I still have a bit of residual Midwestern accent, eh?  I lived in the same home in Wisconsin that my parents sold in 2015 until I went to college at University Northwestern, St. Paul in Minnesota.  I love the small, private atmosphere where I got my Communication Arts/Literature and Bible degrees.  I played soccer in college and have now joined adult leagues to keep up the fun of being young…almost 20 years later!

My certification as a reading teacher and my Masters of Education came from Hamline University, also in St. Paul, MN, so my passion is definitely words, language, and communication of all types.  After teaching for 13 years in the public school system in a very large school district in MN, my husband and I moved our 3 children to the Tampa area to be close to family and to flee the frigid winters that we no longer enjoyed.  God brought me to Bell Shoals Baptist Academy in 2016, and, although different than my previous experience in a few ways, it is love of learning that makes me so passionate as a teacher.  My goal is to pass that love of learning on to my wonderful 6th graders here at Bell Shoals where they can know more than facts but obtain skills and strategies for learning and growing in success.

Mark Taylor
BSBA 6th Math/Science

“My life is but a weaving, between my Lord and me...I often need to remind myself...He sees the upper, and I, the underside. Not till the loom is silent, and the shuttles cease to fly, will God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.”

The privilege of teaching at BSBA is because of just that.  God has chosen to weave my life and this fine school together for an unknown period of time.  I’m not asking why, just enjoying the blessing of giving and receiving during each school year.


7th & 8th Grade Teachers

Karen Crowson
BSBA 7th World History
BSBA 8th American History

See bio under 6th

Linda Heath
BSBA Athletic Director

Holly Taylor
BSBA 7th Language Arts

“Things never happen the same way twice, dear one!”
(Spoken by Aslan in C.S. Lewis’- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)

I love this quote because it reminds me of life as a teacher; it is never the same from year to year, day to day, class to class, or student to student.  Teaching is never dull, but full of excitement and one of the many reasons why I love teaching at BSBA. 

Currently, I am the 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher.  As you probably imagine, I love to read, and I especially enjoy sharing literature with my students.  I am a graduate from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (English Literature) and a minor in Education.  For 11 ½ years, I have been teaching and am currently on my third year at BSBA. 

My daughter, Addy Jo, is in the 4th grade at BSBA, and my husband and I also help with the Youth Ministry at BSBC.  I am also a certified fitness instructor (AFAA) and teach at various gyms in the area. 

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