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We lead our students to . . .
follow Jesus (Math 4:19-20 )  |  love people (Math 22:37-40)  |  make disciples (Math 28:19-20)

Welcome to Bell Shoals Baptist Academy, below you will find information that will assist you and your student along the way.  We are looking forward to an incredible journey as we help your student excel in academics, fine arts, athletics, and technology while fostering a biblical worldview.

We are pleased to partner with you this year.  We believe education is primarily the parents' responsibility and that the school functions as an extension of the home.   We thank God in advance for the victories we will experience together knowing that God has a plan for your child and we are honored to be a part of His kingdom work.


Communication is key to any successful relationship and is very important to BSBA.  You can contact the administration during office hours via phone or email.  A complete listing of the administration can be found on the Staff page.  Faculty lists can be found on the academics pages.  You can also use the Contact Us page for any questions or concerns.

Contacting Elementary and Middle School teachers is best handled through email and RenWeb.  You may log into your RenWeb account to access your student's grade book and see assignments that are posted.  Please understand that the assignments posted are projections of upcoming assignments and may change due to teachers modifying lesson plans to best fit the needs of our students.

Preschool Information 

The Early Learning Center program at Bell Shoals Baptist Academy provides a variety of classes to meet our families needs.  Three day and five day a week half day programs are available at all campuses and full day schedules are available at the Brandon campus.  This flexibility allows you to choose a program that will best suit your child's needs and development. 

Bell Shoals Baptist Academy Early Learning Center has monthly themes and Bible stories appropriate for the age of the children in our care. Specific skills such as the alphabet, number awareness, phonics, fine and gross motor skills, as well as written communication, are integrated into these themes. Organized play, singing and sharing are important parts of our program.

Jr. K - 8th grade Information


Student Handbook

The student handbook provides you with information to assist you in better understanding Bell Shoals Baptist Academy purpose and operational policies.  We expect that your family will support and follow the stated policies.  All policies listed in the handbook are subject to change.  Families will be notified when changes occur.  For more information please feel free to email, call or come by the administrative offices. 

Arrival & Dismissal Times

Arrival Times: All students, preschool through middle school, should arrive no earlier than 7:50 a.m. Doors will remain locked until that time. Supervision is not provided prior to 7:50 a.m. so your child should remain in your care. Students are not permitted to be in any play area or school room prior to the beginning of the school day. Students may enter classrooms at 8:00 a.m.

Dismissal: Your student will be standing with his/her class in the pick-up area as designated on the map that is handed out at open house.

Students may not be signed out after 2:00.  Please schedule appointments accordingly.  All students who are not picked up on time will be taken to the office and signed in by a teacher. These students must be signed out from the office by the parent/designee, and a charge of $1.00 per minute will be assessed on the tuition statement. Scroll to the bottom for complete dismissal time charts, regular dismissal times are:

  • K -1st          2:35 p.m.
  • 2nd - 4th   2:45 p.m.
  • 5th - 8th    3:00 p.m.
Car Line Maps

We want your child’s arrival and pick-up to proceed as smoothly and safely as possible. Therefore, we require that you follow the designated car line traffic pattern to avoid congestion. Detailed information regarding car line will be given at open house. The car line map is also available on RenWeb.

All parents will be given car tags of the students you will be picking up.  Your child will be brought to your car by a patrol or a teacher.  Due to safety concerns, we ask that you remain in the car line and refrain from walking in to pick up your child.  

Follow the designated car line traffic pattern to avoid congestion and allow your child's arrival and pick-up to proceed as smoothly and safely as possible.

Please use sidewalks and do not walk across active car lines or allow your children to do so.

Cell phone use during car line is dangerous.

If you need to go to the office or leave your car for any reason, please park in designated parking areas only.  Please do not leave children unattended.

For safety reasons, if car line is over and no patrols are present, a parent must accompany elementary students to the security desk.  Middle school students may obtain a tardy pass without a parent escort until 9:00 a.m.

Parents of All Students

Please display all car tags of the students you will be picking up.  Keep the car lines moving at the pick-up area by pulling completely forward. Your child will be brought to your car by a patrol or a teacher. We ask that you remain in the car line and refrain from walking in to pick up your child.

Extra Curricular Activities:  All students participating in after school activities will generally be picked up at the west car line unless otherwise instructed. All students participating in athletics will be dismissed at The Point.

Please Note:  Due to safety issues, siblings cannot stay after school to wait for students who are attending extracurricular activities.

Uniform Guidelines

Bell Shoals Baptist Academy requires dressing in a way that supports our rigorous academics and is honoring to God. Uniform code interpretation is at the discretion of BSBA staff. Parents of students in violation of dress code policies will be notified. Parents are also encouraged to set an example by following modest dress guidelines when on the school campus and at school activities.

In order to be more consistent in uniforms school wide, we offer two uniform suppliers:
MLC Promotions  |  Educational Outfitters 

Only BSBA logo shirts in green, red and navy are acceptable.

Shirts with the hemmed, vented bottom do not need to be tucked in. All others, including camis, should be tucked in.

All shorts, pants, and skirts must be uniform standard, appropriately fitted in navy blue, plaid, or traditional khaki. No jeans, leggings, or tight fitting shorts or pants will be allowed.

Skirts should not be shorter than 4 inches from the crease at the back of the knee.

Shorts should not be shorter than 6 inches from the floor when kneeling.

Traditional-type belts must be worn when wearing apparel with loops in the colors of brown, black, khaki or navy blue.

Dress or athletic shoes may be worn. No boots, ballet slippers, sandals, crocs, or Heelies will be allowed.

No inappropriate advertisements or language are allowed on any items brought or worn to school.

Students remaining after school for various activities, whether participant or spectator, are required to dress modestly.  For a complete listing of BSBA uniform policies please refer to the Student Handbook. 


Dismissal Time Charts
Regular Dismissal Times
Grade Time Late After
K and 1st 2:35 PM 2:50 PM
2nd - 4th 2:45 PM 3:00 PM
5th - 8th 3:00 PM 3:15 PM


Early Release Dismissal Times
Grade Time Late After
K and 1st 11:30 AM 11:45 AM
2nd - 4th 11:45 AM 12:00 PM
5th - 8th 12:00 PM 12:15 PM

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