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How to Get Real Help In Providing Your Child With a Quality Christian Education!

As committed parents who insist on the best educational experience for your child(ren), Bell Shoals Baptist Academy (BSBA) believes that you are looking for a program that exudes substantial and rigorous academics, enviable teacher-student ratios, a safe, secure, and significant facility, as well as a school that has a proven record of Excellence in Education.  Bell Shoals Baptist Academy is just that place with over five decades of educational experience!

We are excited to announce an enrollment opportunity that has never before been available!  For a limited time beginning June 1st, all new Jr K- 8th grade enrollments to BSBA will come with a $100 tuition discount, one that would be applied in addition to any other discounts for which you qualify.  Here is how it works!

  1. Tour our campus and, if interested, fill out an enrollment form for your child(ren)
  2. Complete all enrollment requirements, including appropriate deposits
  3. Upon a successful enrollment and completing at least one (1) month of school, receive a voucher, which can be used in one of the following ways:
    1. Have your discount applied to your January 2018 tuition payment, or…
    2. Enjoy a complimentary enrollment into a group class at Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University!” Voucher for FPU valid thru May 1, 2018.  Check it out

Note that the first option gives you a one-time savings.  Your second option provides you the opportunity to expand your savings.  Nationally, within the first 90 days, folks that take Dave’s class on average eliminate $5,300 in debt and save $2,700 in cash – an $8,000 shift in available dollars!  For those families within the Bell Shoals areas, the total average shift in available dollars stands at $5,000.  In either case, these dollars provide a real path for the lion’s share of tuition costs, and to do so on an on-going basis!  Both parents/guardians are able to take the class together, and once you have “graduated”, both of you are allowed to revisit future classes as many times as you like.  It is a wonderful opportunity to address not only your child’s educational needs, but also very likely change the legacy of your family.  We hope you check this offering out!

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Walt Shaffner