Back to school guidelines

December 17, 2020.

smart. simple. safe.

July 23, 2020

These steps and policies below are intended to create and maintain the safest school environment while achieving a traditional school setting. We are working towards an opening that is Smart, Simple, and Safe. 

printable guidelines

  • If a student misses more than 3 consecutive days due to health reasons:
    • Students can find assignments posted on RenWeb and they will receive instruction guidance from the teacher daily for Jr. K - 8th grade.
    • ELC students will have access to teacher videos and/or class activities available for those that wish to participate from home.
  • If an entire class misses due to Covid-19 exposure:
    • If a student or teacher in grades Jr.K-8th tests positive for Covid-19, that entire class will temporarily pivot to e-learning. The teacher or a substitute will still give daily instruction and meet with the students virtually. 
    • If a student or teacher in the ELC tests positive for Covid-19, that class will have teacher videos and/or class activities available for those that wish to participate from home.


BSBA will NOT be offering our own fulltime online learning option as we begin the new school year.  For families who desire to keep current with BSBA curriculum to be able to return to school in person, we make the following recommendations.

  • K through 5th Grade: ABeka Academy Video Homeschool
  • BJUPress Homeschool:


    • Daily temperature checks for every student and staff member.
    • All students should use carline.  They will not be gathering in the lobby before class. 
  • PICK UP:
    • ELC students will be dismissed from their classrooms as parents pull into carline.
    • Elementary students will be dismissed from the SEC carline. Students will be socially distanced and required to wear a mask while waiting.
    • Elementary students will NOT join older siblings at middle school pickup. Families with both elementary and middle school students will have to circle back around and pickup at both locations.
    • Middle school students will be dismissed from their homeroom classrooms as parents pull into carline.
    • It will take longer to get students from the classroom and load them into cars. Parents will be asked to be patient as we emphasize social distancing and do our best to protect the health and safety of students.

This policy will be reviewed constantly for any future options and modifications.

  • Three primary 'layers' being established to address campus cleaning daily include:
    • BSBA staff protocols which include temperature checks, frequent hand washing, additional hand sanitizing stations and more.
    • Evening cleaning crew addressing bathroom, desk, countertops, hard surface and floor cleanings with hospital grade cleaners.
    • Additional employee dedicated to real time cleaning throughout the Academy during instructional times.
  • Frequent hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer will be required by students and staff.  Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be readily available.
  • Custodial personnel will disinfect doorknobs/handles, light switches, lockers, glass doors, etc. throughout the school day, and the end of each day.
  • BSBA restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the school day, and the end of each day.
  • Lunchroom tables will be disinfected between each class/lunch.
  • Computer classes will be disinfected between each class.
  • AC Filters will be changed more frequently.
  • Shared toys or manipulatives used in the classroom will be limited to easy to clean items and will be disinfected daily.


    • All students must have an up-to-date immunization form to attend school.
    • Daily temperature checks for all students, staff, and campus visitors.  Anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher will NOT be allowed to stay. 
    • There will be strict adherence to our health and safety policies for attending school. To be clear, if your child is sick, they need to stay home.  Please refer to your Parent Handbook or the list of Mayo Clinic COVID-19 symptoms posted below:

    Children's COVID-19 symptoms

    While children and adults experience similar symptoms of COVID-19, children's symptoms tend to be mild and cold-like. Most children recover within one to two weeks. Their symptoms can include:

    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Runny nose
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle aches/pains
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • New loss of taste or smell


    If your child has symptoms of COVID-19 and you think he or she might have COVID-19, call your child's health care provider. Keep your child at home and away from others as much as possible, except to get medical care. If possible, have your child use a separate bedroom and bathroom from family members. Follow recommendations from the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and your government regarding quarantine and isolation measures as appropriate.



  • Mask Management: Note – Be advised that while masks are always allowed and strongly encouraged, the following minimum guidelines and practices will be in place.  Based on changes in local health and official directives, modifications within these guidelines are possible.
    • Students who are age 2 to grade 1 will have exemption options for masks unless otherwise instructed
    • All other students will observe the following minimum mask wearing requirements:
      • Entering Academy building space
      • Entering assigned classroom (must remain in room once entering; any other tasks or requirements must be done prior to entering classroom)
      • Masks usage during a normal classroom is optional but strongly recommended once instruction begins. In the event classroom activities reduce adequate social distancing, teachers are to have any/all impacted students use masks.
      • In addition to the above, students will not be required to wear a mask while in playground, PE, after school athletics, and in the lunchroom
      • During class time, instructional staff will actively maintain social distancing and/or engage in wearing a mask
  • Visitors will be required to wear face masks or face shields while on campus.
  • Classrooms will be arranged for maximum spacing between students. 
  • There will be no sharing of personal items and/or equipment, such as clothing, towels, food, classroom supplies, etc.
  • The number of students per class will be reduced capacity.  Students will be divided by class and pods to ensure an additional layer of social distancing. 
  • Teachers will be utilizing outdoor spaces as often as possible.
  • Grades 3rd-8th will still be rotating classes throughout the day.  Shared spaces will be cleaned in between use. 
  • Pods: As much as possible, students will stay with the same group all day rather than mixing groups.  This will help limit the spread if someone contracts the virus.
  • Walkways: Please be aware and cooperate as we label some hallways “one way” and some doors as “enter only” or “exit only”.
    • CHAPEL:
      • Chapel will be broadcast weekly in their classroom.
      • Parents will not be able to attend chapel at this time.
      • Students will not be required to wear chapel attire.  
      • Students will continue to participate in PE but will remain with their class group and/or pod. Social distancing and non-contact activities will be in place. 
        • Multiple locations will be used to create separation at recess (playgrounds, sports fields).
        • 5th-8th grade students will wear PE uniforms to school on PE days.  They will not be dressing out at school for PE.
        • Some special teachers will be rotating to classrooms instead of students rotating to other special areas.
        • Shared spaces will be cleaned in between student use.
        • There may be some modifications to specials and special schedules. 
        • Students will still attend specials (Music, Art, Spanish, Computer, etc.) but they will remain only with their class or designated pod group for the health and safety of our students.
        • Physical Education:
        • Students will still attend playground but they will remain only with their class or designated pod group for the health and safety of our students.
      • LUNCH:
        • Students in Kindergarten-8th grade will still attend lunch in the lunchroom.
        • We will be adding additional student eating locations to assist with lunchroom social distancing.

    • No visitors allowed beyond the school office after morning drop off. 
    • Office staff will be working carline and not available during drop off or pick up.  Please limit your office visits as much as possible.  Make sure your student(s) have everything they need each morning before dropping them off.
      • Equipment will be disinfected after each practice/game.
      • Masks will NOT be required at practice or games for players.
      • Spectators will be encouraged to observe social distancing at games. 
    • FIELD TRIPS: No field trips will be taken at this time. The administration and BSBA Educational Steering Committee will determine when we can resume.
    • CLASS PARTIES:  Class parties will be held outside; parents are encouraged to social distance.