Bell Shoals Baptist Academy


Panther Athletics

Glorifying God through competition

"For God, who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness' has shone in our heart to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus the Messiah."
2 Corinthians 4:6

Bell Shoals Baptist Academy values the importance of learning Godly principles through athletic competition.  Through belonging to a team, students learn the importance of teamwork, trust, serving others, hard work, respect and a balanced life style.  The Academy is a member of the TBCAL (Tampa Bay Christian Athletic League) and offers competitive sports for grades 4th – 8th.

The athletes will have opportunities to participate in different sports under the guidance of a Christian coach.  The BSBA athletic program stressed to our athletes that the abilities they have and the skills they develop are gifts from God.   We also require that the athletes maintain their grades and proper behavior in the classroom setting.   It is also important to note that playing sports here at BSBA is a privilege to be gained, not a right to be demanded.   We desire to win while displaying a Christ-like attitude and glorifying HIM through our attitude and actions so that others may see HIM through us.

Coach Linda Heath
Athletic Director
813-689-9183 ext. 305

Sports Programs

Fall Sports
Late August – October

Coed Cross Country (1st – 3rd grade)  *1 mile run

Boys Cross Country (4th 8th grade)

Girls Cross Country (4th 8th grade)

JV Volleyball (4th 6th grade; coed)

Varsity Volleyball (7th 8th grade; coed)

Winter Sports
October – December

Lady Panther Girls Soccer team (4th 8th grade girls)

JV Boys Soccer (4th 6th grade)

Varsity Boys Soccer (7th 8th grade)

January – March

Lady Panthers Flag Football (4th 8th grade girls)

JV Flag Football (4th 6th grade)

Varsity Flag Football (7th 8th grade)

Golf Team (4th 8th grade; coed)

March – May

Cheerleading (4th 8th grade girls)

JV Girls Basketball (4th 6th grade)

Varsity Girls Basketball (7th 8th grade)

JV Boys Basketball (4th 6th grade)

Varsity Boys Basketball (7th 8th grade)

  • Sports Uniforms are provided for each team
  • Extra sports items such as mouth pieces, shin guards, knee pads, proper shoes for each sports, water bottles and athletic undergarments will be provided by the parents
  • We have a state of the art gym with a new floor surface and we also have 2 outside fields
  • Coaches are key that allows us to field our teams

In the month of May we like to honor our athletes with our annual Sports Banquet where we recognize each athlete with a ribbon, pin or trophy.  It is always a highly anticipated event where we come together to give thanks to our creator for each blessing that comes from Him.  It is a special time spent with our athletes, parents and coaching staff.