Uniform Guidelines

dress code guidelines

Bell Shoals Baptist Academy requires dressing in a way that supports our rigorous academics and is honoring to God. Students are to be neat, modest, well-groomed, and in designated pants, shorts, skirts, shirt, dresses at all times. The required attire includes a school uniform shirt with dockers style shorts, pants, or skirts. Shirts must be purchased through a school uniform provider. Parents are also encouraged to set an example by following modest dress guidelines when on the school campus and at school activities.

Uniform code interpretation is at the discretion of BSBA staff. Parents of students in violation of dress code policies will be notified.

In order to be more consistent in uniforms school wide, we offer two uniform suppliers: 
MLC Promotions  |  Educational Outfitters 


Our little Panthers are not required to wear uniforms. Their only requirement is to wear close-toed shoes that are safe. Tennis shoes are great! A BSBA school bag and matching field trip T-shirt will be provided for our little Panthers.

  1.  Only BSBA logo shirts are acceptable and must be purchased from our 2 uniform suppliers. Shirts may be green, red, and navy. Unless shirts are styled to be worn out, they should be neatly tucked in.
  2. All uniform bottoms must be UNIFORM STYLE in the colors of navy blue, traditional khaki, or the designated BSBA plaid. All bottoms must be appropriately fitted. NO JEGGINGS, SKIN TIGHT UNIFORM PANTS, SHORTS OR OTHER IMMODEST PANTS. For girls, jumper, skirt and skort lengths should not be shorter than four inches from the crease of the back of the knee. Shorts length should not be shorter than six inches from the floor when kneeling.
  3. Belts must be worn when wearing apparel with loops. Traditional-type belts in uniform colors should be worn.
  4. While in the classroom, students may wear SOLID color jackets or sweaters in the uniform colors. Brand names and advertisements on apparel are not allowed in the classrooms.
  5. During cold weather, long-sleeved uniform colored shirts may be worn under the BSBA logo shirts. 
  6. Comfortable and safe shoes are best. No boots, sandals, crocs, heelies, or dance shoes. 
  7. Hair must be neatly styled in natural colors. Boys’ hair must be above the eyebrows and collar. No unusual styles, highlights, feathers, scarves, hoodies or hats should be worn.
  8. PLEASE LABEL all apparel and items brought to school. We are not responsible for lost clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. but we will be glad to return labeled items to their owner. 9) Complete dress code guidelines may be found in the BSBA Family handbook which is located on RenWeb and in the student planners.


PE Uniforms will be sold at Open House and are also available online at MLC Promo website. These are required for 5th - 8th grade students only.


Spirit Shirts are an optional uniform shirt on Friday’s. (Purchased only through the Academy and available on MLC Promo website). 


Colors: Navy blue, plaid or traditional khaki – the navy blue and the khaki may be purchased at any department store in the “Uniform” section. Although many stores have identified their pants and shorts as uniforms, please understand BSBA uniform guidelines outlined in #2 above